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Our Services

Provide the perfect 
solutions for all your ideas

Explore our variety of specialized services in metal handling, powder coating, structures for your company, lighting and more.

From concept to creation: New York CMI is here to bring all your ideas to life.

Metal Fabrication

Crafting custom metal solutions for your unique needs

We offer a wide range of the best metals for your projects

  • Brass

  • Bronze

  • Aluminium

  • Steel

  • Stainless steel

  • Copper

  • & More

Product Design
Screen Shot 2022-06-27 at 5.02.08 PM.png

Powder Coating

New York's leading provider in powder coating services


We provide high quality powder coating services, with a complete in house preparation service including abrasive sandblasting.

Lighting & Certification

Custom end to end fabrication of any and all light fixtures, repairing and maintenance. Discover all the possibilities of our lighting service.


Waterjet Cutting

This method of cutting is an advanced technology used to cut any material with perfection precision. This service enables our team to provide clients with custom metal pieces that truly one-of-a-kind.

Cuts through:

- Steel

- Marble

- & More

Product Assembly

Manufacture elsewhere and we can provide assembly. New York CMI offers you the opportunity to reduce your operational costs by partnering up with us to assemble and install your luxury product in New York City.


We are known for our loyalty and professionalism when partnering up with high-end clients.

Image by Jon Tyson

If you are looking for quality and confidentiality for your brand's projects, New York CMI is the ideal option.

Learn more about our values ​​and work method:

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